Hungry wolves’re howling, ferocious souls that devour themselves with frantic pleasure.

They walk on the paths of cement looking for the salted blood of their fellows that fatten their bodies, selfish rabid dogs exhale from their throats caws in the darkness that hide them and make a blur of their black and sooty hearts by the smoke of the monotony of some lifes that are sew with the rough thread of the envy.

Their tongues lick the wounds of their packmates with pity, infected ulcers tear by their own fangs one day with delicate pleasure laughingly.


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61 comentarios en “Wolves

  1. I know what wolves denote in scripture. Could they be doing, «A pad and a creep both clandestine are the advances of the enemy whose approach is to engage the victim in mind games to the unfair advantage of the adversary» (the first words of one of my posts, «MIND GAMES»)?

    Why would they ‘lick the wounds of their packmates with pity’, is it that which is known of cultists? Well done, Luis López & I do thank you for liking a couple of my posts. More grace to your elbows.

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  2. I’m impressed by your ability to write like that in English. Thank you for finding my blog and liking some of my posts. Perhaps following your blog and reading many of the comments will refresh my memory of studying Spanish in high school and college.

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