There is so much heart to add to the equation that solves the unknown of your skin. The tagent of my soul is entangled in your integrals of short skirt that divide the time and subtract any rest of sanity.

You’re imprisoned in my retina, a golden feeling of seeing you pass among the lines of these sheets, but I draw myself parallels in the curves of your compass; illogical and unreasonable mathematics that increases my desire.

Lost. I’m left over me wants and lack me fingers with which to join me to the cardinal points of your body. Geometry among verses that draw you at dawn like rectangles of sheets where we lose our reason.

Pencil and paper to find the direct function to your nudity, algorithm that shut me up tne code of your ribs. Problems pile up me to hug the rhythm of your heart.


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85 comentarios en “Mathematical

  1. This is the only post translated into English (I hope to figure out how to translate some of the other posts)…and, how I wish I could speak/read your gorgeous first language. Having said that, what a brilliant and poetic soul you are…this is really, really incredible, deep, and so unique…fantastic! Thanks for sharing and thank you for all your «likes»…so generous of you and much appreciated 🙂

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  2. Beautifully written, it touched my heart. Pure poetry and talent in every word, expressing an impressive honesty and sensibility…Thank you for visiting my blog and for liking my articles, I am honored!
    Best regards,

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    • Thank you for thinking that about me. I only treat to show my best and misteriously I receive a great support. I am pleased to find people like you. I want to add that yours blog is Incredible too. You do a fantastic job. Luis 😊😊

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