Heart. It plays among words to hide the caresses that it recites in my dreams, sheets of phrases where to find your smile; poetry hugs to take from the cold of my ribs in November, verses to heat up the piece of paper where I draw you the soul.

Soul. Flower without thorns that she comes up from my thorax among your laughs. Guffaws that shoo the prisons of my grey matter. Pupils that look at me when the owl sings me and fall me in the arms of some god; dreams of a nocturnal person on your body.

Body. Shiver where my bubble loses your way and it takes me by the corners of you rhythmic skin. Walker that paves the way to himself on the paths that mark your heart.


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  1. Hello! This is beautiful!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and liking a couple of posts. I’m going through yours and I think it’s a very nice collection of uplifting posts. Thank you for this present. 😊

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  2. I.K.Williams is proposing her first poetry competition, entitled, ‘Daily Doings’. Simply write a poem about an activity you do every day, trying to capture the details so that a reader will really feel “there” with you. To enter the competition, submit your poem (and a link to your blog optional) in the comments section! Finalists of the competition will have their poems electronically published on I.K.Williams’ site as part of an anthology of poems entitled, ‘Daily Doings’.

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