And how can I talk my heart?

How can I talk this sponge that I’ve under my thorax, that it’s coated with alcohol to burn in flowerpots of withered flowers. It’s a psychopathic that is sick of swim in these seas of tears. It uses up its feelings among ice cubes for they haven’t expiry date, it’s result of the concern to forget the binary code of its feel.

Heart. It’s sick of beat on my skin while it waits to be devoured every dawn by other parasitic hearts that they gut them of its ribs and leave it in the lurch on ditches of road with its guts that are consumed in the smoke of cigarettes.

Reporters in wars on the pavement narrate stories of consumed flowers on steps of stairs to no heaven waiting for gates to run away, where they can treat the scars that set of price of its utopian sanity. But the world is in terrorist drought, my heart is lost and dances alone the dance of the rain in this solitude.


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