Fotografía 107


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  1. Jesus.. almost lost the point here because I don’t know the language. I personally do not find the photo offensive. Only an artist with an imagination can make something of nothing. It is erotic… yes… but also a great piece!

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      • Sorry… like I said don’t know the language, might have misinterpreted something I thought was there but wasn’t. Like the smiles…thought they were crying…sorry again. Will avoid commenting when it is not in English as not to make mistakes of any kind. Wishing you the best!

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      • They were joking comments … a game.

        But do not worry about being wrong, for me your comments are a pleasure. Here there is always a gap for your words whether they are wrong or not.

        I also wish you the best, and a fantastic weekend.☺☺☺

        Me gusta

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