What is poetry? You say while fixing
in my pupil your blue pupil.
What is poetry? And you are asking me?
Poetry… is you.

And if Bécquer already told us that poetry is you, who am I? … To contradict his words, if I’m only verses in full writing, incomplete in search of that rhyme that rhymes you without rhyming and that makes you perfectly rhythmic in my mouth, but the torture of living in the agitating frenzy of sewing hyperboles on paper with these rusty needles, that I thread with the tears that run thinner down the tracks of these cheeks, those mighty rivers dying in the sea.

The sea of this madly paradoxical soul that is full of metaphors trying to describe you because it doesn’t find those damn words through the moldy pages of my being; those that make it possible to recite your name poetically.

And this heart in perpetual metastasis that does not pay the rent of my ribs, because I’m a bad poet, is looking for a new home whose prose doesn’t gut its muscles every night, that doesn’t force it to sleep on mattresses of thorns that pin the colourless memories, humidified in black and white by the acid rain that hides the stars, your star.


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